Privacy Policy

Overview :

At TutorCanvas, we value your trust and in order to honour your belief in us, we adhere to ethical standards in maintaining our privacy policy. The privacy policy governs your use of TutorCanvas portal and other associated applications, websites and services managed by the company. Kindly read our privacy policy carefully before you agree to our terms and conditions.

In case if you don’t agree with the terms of our privacy policy, do not use the website or avail of any of our service. We advise contacting us for any further queries.

What do we do with user information?

When you register with us, you provide us with your personal information and we use the collected data to conduct research, analyse the trends and administer the services to learn about the user’s interest patterns. And we never retain user data forever, so don’t worry about other companies spamming you with notifications.

We use individual data to provide you with a personalized approach. We never disclose your personal information, however, we may have to do so:

  • If required by the law
  • To protect against imminent harm of rights or safety
  • To enforce applicable terms of usage
  • With third party services for personalizing the website services for a better experience.

We send cookies to track your preferences, aggregate user trends and help you log in faster. The data that we acquire is used to improve our offerings and send you occasional alerts depending on your search patterns.


Undoubtedly we are concerned about keeping the confidentiality of your information safe. There are procedural, electronic and physical safeguards to protect our user information and we limit the access to this information to our authorized employees only.

Your Consent:

At TutorCanvas, we believe that every user of our services/ website should be in a position to offer informed consent before registering with us. When you sign in and register with us, you are expressing consent for our services and disclosing/ handling your information as set forth in the policy amended by us.

Contact Information:

If you have any grievances regarding our services, terms and conditions or privacy policies, we shall take all reasonable efforts to address your queries at the earliest possible date. You may contact us